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How is this possible? How am I writing that I officially have a one year old boy? I mean they seriously weren’t kidding when they said you blink and time flies.

This year has been quite the adventure. With our flirtatious, wildly entertaining, smart as anything, all boy little dude. He has made us feel like were gonna pull our hair our only about 1% of the time and the rest he is gracing us with giddy laughs, words, and hilarious expressions. 

It’s funny to me though how one year can change a person completely. Im talking both him and myself. He has gone from being in my belly to a tiny human fully functioning and adventuring on his own in what seems like such a short period of time. I have grown from just a young married girl to a mom of a one year old who’s bedtime is 8:30. 

All jokes aside I cant decide if I want to cry tears not really of sadness, actually I’m not sure what emotion they are that my boy is one today, or sing happy birthday to him all day long. Kevin keeps asking why I would get emotional that its his birthday and I just keep saying its another first thats coming and going all to fast. But he’s also right that we should be so excited and happy that ohs growing into the boy we all know and love. 

The boy who walks in a coffee shop and everyone knows who he is because of the contagious smile, the dude who no matter where we are (like the forever long post office line) can have every single person smiling from his flirtatious spirit. He’s a one of a kind little dude and he’s forever pierced this mamas heart with a love she never thought was possible, and a proud spirit that I’ll forever be your number one fan.

Life changes, people change. But Im trying every day to keep my eyes peeled so it doesn’t change to fast. I don’t want to miss a second of this kid growing up and I feel like the whole past year is a complete blur. 

So lets take a walk down memory lane shall we? Because we all know this time last year our emotions were quite different. Excited, anxious, ready to meet our dude and now we’re trying to figure out how we ever did life without him. 

Van, Mom and Dad love you more than life itself. You my dude have a life ahead of you that you are going to change the world we firmly believe that you mighty dude.

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