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Hi, Im Angie, 
Lover of hats, babies, and comfy clothes. I love to bring the realness and confidence back to mamahood. Sharing with my fellow tiger striped mamas that they are BEAUTIFUL.



First of all i’m only going to say one more time how in the world is my baby boy ONE? 

Ok now that I have that out there. Lets TACO bout the party. (i’m not going to apologize for how many puns i’m about to make in this blog.) So lets begin with the theme. DO NOT get me wrong there is absolutely nothing wrong with a winter theme December birthday party. But my design – party planner side could not bring myself to do it. I cannot tell you why I just wanted to go outside of the box since we have Christmas right around the corner. 

I wanted to make sure he always knows (yes I know he’s only one) but, even looking back that we always separated his birthday and Christmas to make sure it was just as special of a day as it truly is! So whats the furthest from a winter-Christmas birthday? FIESTA! 

We LOVE tacos around this house. Like we do not care how much extra guac is bring it on, and queso? Don’t even get me started. Van has a real big love for guac so why not?

Just like any good party where do I begin to find some inspiration? Pinterest hunting we go. I also want to say DO NOT COMPARE YOUR CHILDS FIRST BIRTHDAY TO ANY OTHERS. I am a planner, parties run in my blood so to go all out was just something that I have always wanted to do, it does not by any means make you a better mom. You do you, if you want a small party DO YOU! 

Now back to the party. Fiesta has a tendancy of being pinks and can look girly if you let it so I decided to go with more pastels than bold colors and make it a kiddy fiesta. Incorporating lots of bright and fun colors. 

You can NEVER go wrong with a focal point and revolve the majority of your decor around that piece. With Tacos being the theme it was a natural way to make food a large part of the decor. With cute cupcakes and cookies and a taco bar it put itself together and made its own focal point! 

Honestly it looks like I spend more money than I actually did because well Walmart has a great fiesta selection and a lot of this is just craft paper and pinatas. 

Now for the reveal! 

The biggest THANK YOU to all of the vendors that made this happen, and my family who always comes in to help when I need it the most! 


Vans outfit: Tinytotapparel

Cake and Cupcakes : Baked_and_Frosted

Cookies: My friend Allie Goddard

Food: Tipsy Taco 

Decor Items: Swoozies & Amazon

Hat: Cash&Co

Location: Brandon Mill 

Thank you again to the Village that surrounds are sweet boy. You have more aunts and uncles than we ever thought possible, and family and friends that love you more than you know! 

Love Always,


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