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Hi, Im Angie, 
Lover of hats, babies, and comfy clothes. I love to bring the realness and confidence back to mamahood. Sharing with my fellow tiger striped mamas that they are BEAUTIFUL.



Yall, how in the world has this blog been going for a YEAR! 

I mean last year it was all just a dream trying to figure out exactly what I wanted it to be about, having so many ideas running through my head. I felt like I had so many things to say with no idea how to put the words on paper to make sense. 

Now fast forward to a year later, multiple launches, thousands of new babes following along, and a niche i’ve finally settled on we are here celebrating the fact this feed and these words have been flowing for a year. 

Honestly when I first started I was a little scared that no one would care what I had to say. Which let me just tell you this is NOT my personality. But then real Angie came out and was like I have words to say, someone needs to hear them and be encouraged. 

So here we are. Chatting about all things mom, baby, and life. Its been a world wind and I am so encouraged by each one of you everyday! The fact that you decided to follow along on our life journey means the world and I hope this new year will surprise you with the things coming your way and encourage you to be a better wife, mom, daughter, sister, and friend. 

My passion, is to serve you well knowing you are not in this journey alone. To bring real life stories of things that REALLY happen to moms in this world, when you feel alone when you feel discouraged my hope is that you turn to this page for a great laugh, and leave with confidence that YOU CAN DO THIS. That you are a babe, your mama bod is beautiful and you are . your own kind of beautiful. 

So cheers to a year at going at this thing, many more years we will grow together, coffee, and dry shampoo for this Monday.

Love Always, 


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