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Hi, Im Angie, 
Lover of hats, babies, and comfy clothes. I love to bring the realness and confidence back to mamahood. Sharing with my fellow tiger striped mamas that they are BEAUTIFUL.



The question of the week are you ready?

Am I ready as in have myself put halfway together, and my child has shoes on? Most likely not. We go out of the door more days than not with no shoes, forget wipes and extra diapers, rarely ever match. (Im just blaming it on the pregnancy brain for now, then it’ll be the newborn, then a mother of two and so on. You see where I’m going with this :))

But that’s not typically what they’re asking. Being almost 33 weeks. (I think.) They’re always asking if I’m ready to meet our baby girl. Do I have my nursery to picture perfect, are her clothes washed and put away, have I nested and organized everything in the house? Well I’ll put this very simply. Am I so ready for her to be here YES. Do I have my “ish” together with all things baby absolutely not?

Well not until about 2 nights ago where we got the call. My sister in law who was only due a short 4 weeks before me (in labor 3 weeks early) was at the hospital dilated to an 8 with her first babe. As much excitement that flooded my heart, my brain was screaming to myself “WOMAN YOU DON’T EVEN HAVE YOUR NURSERY PAINTED!” With little man everything was ready to go basically after we found out it was a boy, by our showers I had everything ready to easily put away. Well lets just say life got away from me this go round, with a wild man, a move, and life I have yet to feel fully ready.

So amazon to the rescue and needless to say by Prime delivery after a late night panic online shopping baby spree I was far from ready but closer than I was.

So heres my question, Is anyone truly ready? Many of our life decisions are based on if “were ready” Your parents typically do not say yes to your man asking for your hand in marriage unless they feel your both “Ready.” You do not begin trying to start a family until your “ready” Your bank accounts to that special number, purchasing a house, most likely using the expectations society puts on us to be ready for said life event.

But today as I attempt to finally put a nursery together after I made my husband start painting the day after our nephew was born I keep thinking we’re never truly ready.

If you were ready for every life event then you would be perfect and lets all go ahead and raise our hands to being the furthest from that. So today Im here to speak some truth into accepting the fact I am no where near ready and “ITS OK.”

To the new pregnant mama who’s expected to be ready to birth a child. Its OK to be nervous, anxious, and feeling every emotion known to man.

To the new mama who just welcomed her first baby. Its OK not to feel ready and prepared to know if its time to feed, change, take a shower or eat.

To my mama on round 2+ Its OK to not feel ready to do this all over again, except this time still having to take care of a toddler.

But today if we stopped putting the pressure on our selves to feel ready, and take in the precious moments before us, like instead of frantically washing and putting away newborn clothes, we take in the fact were about to birth a miracle.

If we stopped putting the expectation to have it all together, our house perfect, dinner ready, and just embraced the fact you were able to play with your kids all day.

Mama if you’re like me and you need to hear this today, hear that the season your in right now. You may not feel ready for anything if its like me going out the door much less a whole nursery and welcoming a new baby. embrace the messy, the chaos because you can never get these moments back. Soak it in.

It gonna be OK. Life will come you will survive, maybe even thrive. Even when you don’t feel ready life has a way of keeping on going so embrace the rollercoaster mama its a ride you’ll never want to forget!

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