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Hi, Im Angie, 
Lover of hats, babies, and comfy clothes. I love to bring the realness and confidence back to mamahood. Sharing with my fellow tiger striped mamas that they are BEAUTIFUL.


Can you be a SAHM and live your purpose?

I sat there wondering. Am I even making a difference? I feel like I could be doing so much more. From once running businesses to now being a stay at home mom, I thought I lost it. My purpose. Confused and questioning is this what I’m suppose to be doing?

Then, It hit me. If you don’t love Jesus this post might not be for you, or maybe this is exactly what you need. It could potientially be something I loose followers over, something that people will disagree with and that’s OK. But today I believe that another Mama needs to hear what I needed to hear, and that is,

You’re living it to the fullest, You’re being the person God called you to be. You are not only making a difference in the world, but you have become the sole person someone depends on. The thing that little person literally couldn’t live without. Your purpose has become greater than you ever imagined, you’re living in it, and its called motherhood.

It’s exhileraiting, it’s hilarious, its exhausting, but it is the most rewarding. To know you ultimately, other than the Lord have the most impact on this child than any other person. That your day to day what can seem like mundane life has purpose and that is pouring life and encouragement into your child every day. To be their constant, their home, their safe house.

I want nothing more for you today Mama than to know that its OK to feel like you’re not doing enough, to feel that the same routine everyday has you feeling useless, but its not OK to continue speaking that into your life.

If we shifted our mindset to believe that what we are doing is and for a purpose, that being the mama we are called to be is the best thing for our children and for us. That every lunch you make, toy you pick up, and diaper you change is you living your purpose. It is you daily choosing to live your life selflessly serving others, all while making the biggest impact of their life. If you put the doubt out of your mind that you are not doing enough for your family, that you should be working, making money somehow. And begin to speak encouragement into your heart saying what you do everyday is you living your purpose I believe we will be better Mamas, better wives, and better friends. Not trying to do what the world tells us to do, but live out our calling pouring into the next generation every single day.

You Mama are living your life fully and completely in your purpose, and do not let anyone tell you otherwise!

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