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I mean I’m just gonna go ahead and throw this out there. There is not thriving in the first week. You are merely in survival mode to make it through.  Do not get me wrong it is beautiful and I’m 99.9% sure you are purely running off of adrenaline, shock, and the cuteness and reality […]

You’re scrolling through insta and BAM there you see Van and myself all half naked and what not. You think WHY? or She shouldn’t be doing that she’s a mom for goodness sake. Ya know I thought the same thing for the longest until… The messages began to flood in of moms pouring out their […]

Oh your going back to work? Will you even have enough time to stay at home? How does that even work? Are you taking on to many roles? ‘The questions flooding through not only my head but tons of people around me as I launched the start of a new design company. I have a […]

Ladies all I’m saying is I hope you didn’t marry your man just because he was good looking… cause looks fade. Hair disappears, body’s reappear.. in multiple different shapes and that tight tan skin will one day sag in more areas than you wanna know.  So why the heck do we want to grow old […]

It will all be the same they said. Well they were wrong ,marriage is a constant version of two growing and changing people. So to my single ladies who think it will all get better if you just get the ring… it will only glorify their flaws. But to my ladies (wifey’s) who are thinking […]

The famous first words to what almost always turns into heartache or a disaster. But Marriage is the thing just like any other when you go into it headfirst with expectations higher than the Empire State Building its gonna crash and burn. Funny you thought I was gonna say something happy and giddy to start […]

Have you ever sat down with your popcorn and coke ready to dive into a movie only to feel gross about yourself because you can feel that muffin top creepin’ over your pants? But you eat it anyway? Yeah me too and pass the raisinets while your’e at it!  But you know what the second […]

I’m literally writing this as I sit on the beach with a sleeping babe so it does not get anymore real than this. We’ve been to the beach once before with him but he was smaller and a little more manageable than this go around. It also doesn’t help the hubby had to stay home […]

It’s getting hot in here… and then the baby screams. So put back on your clothes. Because let’s be serious the baby screaming just killed the mood.  Raise of hands for all the moods that have been killed, the husbands dreams being crushed, and your nights taking a turn for well the not what you […]

Hello my name is Angie and winging is my middle name.  Do not get me wrong I love a good schedule to go by, but heck even when I planned weddings half the time I was winging it. Because hey fake it till you make it am I right?  The same holds true to mamahood. […]