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First of all i’m only going to say one more time how in the world is my baby boy ONE?  Ok now that I have that out there. Lets TACO bout the party. (i’m not going to apologize for how many puns i’m about to make in this blog.) So lets begin with the theme. […]

I sat there wondering. Am I even making a difference? I feel like I could be doing so much more. From once running businesses to now being a stay at home mom, I thought I lost it. My purpose. Confused and questioning is this what I’m suppose to be doing? Then, It hit me. If […]

The question of the week are you ready? Am I ready as in have myself put halfway together, and my child has shoes on? Most likely not. We go out of the door more days than not with no shoes, forget wipes and extra diapers, rarely ever match. (Im just blaming it on the pregnancy […]

Yall, how in the world has this blog been going for a YEAR!  I mean last year it was all just a dream trying to figure out exactly what I wanted it to be about, having so many ideas running through my head. I felt like I had so many things to say with no […]

ONE YEAR TODAY.  How is this possible? How am I writing that I officially have a one year old boy? I mean they seriously weren’t kidding when they said you blink and time flies. This year has been quite the adventure. With our flirtatious, wildly entertaining, smart as anything, all boy little dude. He has […]

I looked at her, she looked at me with the look I see more often than not.  They call it MOM SHAME. How crazy we live in a world where we think we are a better  than the next mom. But we’ve all been there, we’ve all gotten the looks when our kid is screaming […]

I’m currently writing this sitting in a hotel lobby. That is life as we know it right now.   We are in a season of fast pace, a season of change. From the constant changing facial expressions Van is figuring out and the constant changing hotel rooms. Some would say that is not the life […]

It’s called nap time crunch time. The moment your child falls asleep and you run into the other room or your office space (for me it is my computer on the kitchen table) and get as much done as possible. You don’t know if you have 30 minutes or 3 hours but you know you […]

This is real life. I wasn’t prepared for this. In fact I felt like I was prepared for everything but teething. No one mentions it and i’m starting to understand why. Im also starting to realize why babies were created so cute, because if they weren’t and they came out grown and could talkback our […]

It’s the stereotypical stay at home mom, dinner on the table at 5:30pm sharp the moment dad walks in, laundry is done and put up in the same day, the house is spotless.  I guess I’m not the stereotype because I’m doing all I can to make sure the laundry goes from washer to dryer […]