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Survival of the Teeth Monster

This is real life. I wasn’t prepared for this. In fact I felt like I was prepared for everything but teething. No one mentions it and i’m starting to understand why. Im also starting to realize why babies were created so cute, because if they weren’t and they came out grown and could talkback our population might decrease into extinction.

Teething is not for the faint of heart and this is where I believe stay at home moms have one of the hardest most rewarding jobs in the world. When the teething monster hits, you have what seems to be this doctorly instinct called Google that you are ferociously seeking through wondering what is going on with your child.

“Does he have a virus, is it a growth spurt, did he get enough sleep, is he tired, hungry, did he poop?” and then you always read the worst case senerio and your mind races. But it is just in fact he or she has a tooth that is trying to cut through many layers of gum… ouch.

Remember when you went through the daunting experience of your wisdom teeth coming in? Or maybe you luckily didn’t have to. That ish hurts so now your bitty baby is going through that with multiple teeth. NOW BREATHE.

It is for a very short amount of time although it seems like an eternity. In fact some little babes don’t even skip a beat. But my child he skipped all the beats and went straight into pitiful mode. Which breaks my heart.

So the joys of being a stay at home mom?

  1. You get to know your child. You know if he’s teething vs. a virus. You know when he’s grumpy from being tired vs. cutting teeth.

  2. You get all the sick cuddles. SOAK THEM UP. Coming from experience now that my child is on the move. He finds everything to do but cuddle so anytime he dives his head into my chest I soak it up.

So how do you survive teething?

  1. Where the babe. Just do it. You think you can put enough cooling gel to take away the pain when really all they want to do it be close to you. So strap em on and go on with your day, its gonna be a long one.

  2. Frozen washcloths. This was a game changer. He wants to chew on anything to get it to go away but nothing seems to work. Until he put the frozen washcloth to his gums and he instantly stopped crying. It also kills two birds with one stone and soaks up the gallons of drool that pours out your Childs mouth.

  3. Here are a few tips some of my other mama friends recommended that might help you through! Copaiba essential oil rubbed directly on their gums, frozen milkcicle, mesh feeder with frozen fruit, amber teething neckless, and cosleeping (some do not agree with this but in this case you do whats best for you and your baby!)

I wish you happy teething and hope those teeth come in as strong as ever!

Much love


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