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I Stay At Home And My House Doesn’t Stay Clean

It’s the stereotypical stay at home mom, dinner on the table at 5:30pm sharp the moment dad walks in, laundry is done and put up in the same day, the house is spotless. 

I guess I’m not the stereotype because I’m doing all I can to make sure the laundry goes from washer to dryer so the don’t stay in there to long much less folded and put up all in the same day. 

But I do have a few cleaning hacks that make this mama sane because there’s nothing I love more than a spotless clean house but that’s just not practical 99% of the time.

ROBOT: just take my word it is well worth the money. I wasn’t a believer until I had a baby and could never find time to vacuum. Now I can be doing laundry and dishes all while the entire house is being vacuumed. Because let’s be honest with a crawling baby any tiny thing on the floor goes straight to the mouth so the importance of it staying clean is a priority.  

PRIORITIZE NAPTIME: Nap time rolls around and you are doing meaningless task and get so mad when you feel like you get nothing done. Everyday I either write out or know it my head what exactly has to get done whether it’s 30 minute or 3 hours long. Most of the time it’s:

1. Throw on a load of laundry since it takes no time.  

2. Throw all the toys in the baskets. I always keep 3 baskets in our living room for easy clean up. 

3. Wipe down kitchen counter  

4. If dishes need putting up or loading  

5. Once I do a straighten up of the house and he’s still asleep then work starts! I can never start work until my house is cleaned up.  

Now since every day is different and sometimes it’s important to prioritize a nap for yourself before the house DO IT! There are no rules. If the house is not spotless you are no less of a mama. Some nights are more demanding and some days are too so take it in stride brew the coffee try to drink it before it gets lukewarm and take on the day mama!


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