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Hi, Im Angie, 
Lover of hats, babies, and comfy clothes. I love to bring the realness and confidence back to mamahood. Sharing with my fellow tiger striped mamas that they are BEAUTIFUL.



I looked at her, she looked at me with the look I see more often than not. 

They call it MOM SHAME. How crazy we live in a world where we think we are a better  than the next mom. But we’ve all been there, we’ve all gotten the looks when our kid is screaming in target, or on the plane. 

This moment was powerful, and we need more of it in this world. This week we were making our weekly, ok you caught me biweekly run to target just minding our own when I heard this woman frantically knocking on her car window. I continued getting Van out of his car seat trying to figure out what exactly was happening. She glanced over at me in hopes that I didn’t know what was going on. She continued trying to tell her small daughter who didn’t know what was going on to poll on the silver handle.  

Her daughter locked inside the car, along with this mamas keys. She had no way of getting in and felt completely helpless. The look in her eyes was something I’ve experienced. Not long ago when I locked myself out of our house while Van was still inside sitting in his high chair. 

I knew the last thing this mama needed was the ultimate mom shame, eye roll look. So I went over and said hey! I’m sorry I couldn’t help but over hear, I know you’re panicking but everything is going to be ok. You didn’t mean for this to happen, your daughter is safe in her car seat, the fire department is on their way everything is going to be just fine. In fact we’ve all been there. It happens to the best of us!

She immediately relaxed and just said thank you so much, seriously I felt like the worst mom. I said oh no I won’t let you do that! You’re totally fine it’s all going to be ok.  

Why can’t we do this ladies? Why do we feel the constant need to compare ourselves to other mamas. Or think our child is worse or better? 

QUIT THE MADNESS. This poor mama should of never been scared of what I was thinking or going to say. We as mamas need to rally around each other. We’ve all been there, had our bad days, let out that uncalled for yell, stepped out of the room to breathe for a second. We are all mamas just trying to survive and keep our babes alive. So why don’t instead of casting shade and judging the mama next to you encourage them and tell them they’re doing a great job!

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